Familyhouse Partnership is Save the Children association in Iisalmi, The Mannerheim League for child Welfare in Iisalmi and The Federation of Mother and Child Homes and Shelters in Upper-Savo companionship model.  Work started 2004 and it´s supported by Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations (STEA)

A partnership between three local organisations, it operates in close collaboration with the Upper-Savo (Social and Healthcare) Joint Municipal Authority. The aim of the service is ”to work together with the child´s best” by offering accessible, easy to reach community and support services for children and families. The Familyhouse partnership service has been designed in response to local needs and is driven by a positive partnership between local civic organisations and the public sector.

The multidimensional networking model facilitates a consistent operating culture. Professional-led voluntary services are a significant resource, which allow services to be delivered to more children and families. Indeed, families and children are the focus of all activities at the centre. Each visit and each encounter is made meaningful. Genuine, unique, warm and positive human interaction amidst hectic everyday life is empowering and joyful. Families who access the service are gently challenged to take active responsibility for their own lives and encouraged to act autonomously.

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Familyhouse principles are



  • Familycenter Onni and Ilona
    • We warmly invite you to the Familycenter Onni and Ilona to spend time and meet other families. Between games and play, you can eat your own snacks and enjoy the coffee and tea service.
    • Open 
      Mon–Fri 9 am–2 pm and in addition on wednesday evenings at 5 to 7 pm


  • Night-visiting for children. There are lots of families who has no relatives or good friends who could take their kids for overnight ever
  • Supporting person service, volunteers provides assistance to the families of small children in their homes
  • Doula –service, supporting person for pregnants  (act of giving birth)
  • Peer groups, start with babys 0-6 months twice a year
  • activities for immigrants and refugees
  • camps for families
  • grandmother`s club once a week for kids under 7 years

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Familyhouse Partnership
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74100 Iisalmi
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